At Canyon Hills, Life Groups aren’t just what we do, it’s who we are. For us, doing life together is far more than a catch-phrase, it’s a biblical conviction. We believe that God never meant for us to do life alone. We were created to walk with each other, to grow with one another and to glorify God together.

This is why our Life Groups are places where people of all stages of life and backgrounds can come together and be real. No judgments attached. Just imperfect people, trying to love a perfect God.  You and your family don’t have to make the journey of faith alone.  We invite you to find how life is better... together.


Life Groups are all about authentic biblical relationships. They are small groups of individuals/couples that meet on a regular basis to mutually encourage each other in Christ. They are places to take what we know about Jesus and help each other begin applying that knowledge to our every day lives. Each one of our groups take on a shape of its own, defined by the personalities and engagement of the group members. Our hope is that no matter what group you land in, it will be a safe, trusted place for you to find hope in Jesus — no matter where you are in life or on your journey of faith. 


We offer something for everyone. Regardless of your stage of life or where you live we have a place here for you. 

Young Married Groups 

Our young married groups are open to couples age 35 and under. Some groups are led by an experienced married couple who can provide mentorship and encouragement for the young married couples of CHCC.

Adult Groups

We have various types of adult Life Groups including:

  • Mixed Life Groups
  • Married with kids
  • Empty Nesters
  • Singles

Men's Groups

We have various men's groups that meet throughout the course of the week. 

Women's Groups

We have women's groups that meet on campus on Wednesday AM/PM and Thursday PM. We also have groups that meet in homes throughout the city.